Hail Damage

Does your roof or siding have hail damage? we’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure your needs are met, every step of the way.

Too often, policyholders receive less than they expect from insurance policies because their property is not fully protected, or they do not understand exactly what sort of damage is covered.

We have professionals who will work day and night with you and your insurance company to get the treatment that you deserve. Better View Home Improvements will provide a very detailed scope of repairs including line-of-sight repairs and the cost to rebuild your roof, siding, windows, or gutters, wherever your home has structural damage.

A roofing company can provide your insurance company with an estimate and negotiate the settlement.

The Claim Process

The claim process may begin in one of two ways. 

Your insurance company may send you a claim form known as a “proof of loss form” to complete, or 

An adjuster may visit your home first before you are asked to fill out any forms. 

What affects the cost of homeowner’s insurance?

The cost of homeowner’s insurance depends on the type of construction, location of the home, and amount of insurance. A brick structure, for example, is more fire-resistant than a wood framed structure, and it sometimes costs more to insure a wood framed structure. 

Does my policy automatically pay the limit?

Many people misunderstand the meaning of a limit. A limit is the most your insurance policy will pay for a loss. Your loss may not be as high as the limit itself. In this case, your policy covers only the amount of your actual loss. You must also be prepared to provide proof of what you have lost.

Let us restore your home. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our specialists.


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Roofing Workmanship Warranty

Assess your roof’s hail damage with a Better View Home Improvements inspection

If you want to file a claim for hail damage, reach out to Better View Home Improvements to schedule an inspection. A roof inspection can start your journey toward repairing your home’s hail damage. 

Shannon Mcclellan
Shannon Mcclellan
September 6, 2022.
Zach was phenomenal to work with when we had hail damage here in Oconomowoc. We got our roof, siding and gutters done within a day. They were very professional, tidy and excellent pricing! He even went above and beyond to suggest shingle colors that would compliment our house. I highly recommend using this company for all your needs!
James Doherty
James Doherty
August 24, 2022.
Zak was easy to work with from start to finish. Professional in the approach, he knew what I wanted. This was hail storm damage, and I had been through this before. This was a 100% better experience. Also, when using the 30 Year shingles, it becomes 50 year because they are qualified with the manufacturer. Roof was done in one day, gutters the next day. They also installed leaf guards. I am very happy with the whole process.
Susan Harter
Susan Harter
August 15, 2022.
After a hail storm hit in 2022, I researched roof repair businesses through neighbors who had recommended BVHI and immediately felt in good hands with Zach. He walked me through every step of the way and was there from day one to the completion of the project. The Crew was just exceptional in the attention to detail to the amount of work they accomplished in a timely manner. I especially was impressed with the use of a special lift used to remove the shingles to address the amount of gardens around the house. I love the shingle color we chose and am just so satisfied with the total experience. I could not be happier with the result and how painless this process was for us thanks to the special attention given, and the knowledge of the crew involved.
Eric Vogel
Eric Vogel
August 10, 2022.
I have had the pleasure of working with Zack on many different projects. He has always carried himself with the utmost professionalism and had the client's best interest in mind. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, professional roofing contractor, look no further!
Todd Elliott
Todd Elliott
May 17, 2021.
Better Homes did a complete roof tear off and re installation of Ice and water, felt, new sky lite flashing, new roof vents. New shingles, water drip edging . Plus they hauled away the scrap . They did an excellent job and I recommend them to anyone. Very fair price and professional!
Steve Lehman
Steve Lehman
May 9, 2021.
This company really does a nice job! On time & very knowledgeable. They are quality installers & work together efficiently to create my awesome looking roof! The neighbors have been asking me who they are. Thanks for making my house look great with my new roof & gutters!!
Robert Gotcher
Robert Gotcher
October 24, 2020.
We had a leaky roof on our garage. Jose inspected it and discovered that there were a few loose shingles. Since our roof is old, he could have simply said that we needed a new roof. He did give us an estimate on a new roof, but gave us the option to have the repair job instead. He assured us that with the repairs the roof could last for some time. The estimate on the new roof for the garage was very reasonable. We chose to have the repair for now, but definitely are keeping Better View in mind for the new roof at a later date. Jose was warm, friendly, courteous, and professional. He was efficient and fast at doing the repair. He wasn't pushy. He seem to have our interests in mind.
August 16, 2020.
We're done well on time good price good attitude 100% recommended

Why We’re the Right Company to Call for Hail Damage Roof Repair


We’re not a normal roofing company. We pride ourselves on dealing with your exact issues with our quality customer service, our superb work ethic, and our vast array of knowledge on anything to do with roofing.


If your roof has already been damaged by a hail storm, you don’t want it to get any worse. That’s why we take great care to treat your property with the respect it deserves, by closing off areas under construction, using caution tape, and being as safe as possible within the boundaries of your home.


Repairing, maintaining, or replacing roofs are not simple tasks. They require many parts to align, including the delivery of materials, people’s schedules, and decent weather, in order to ensure success. That’s why we are dedicated to streamlining this process as much as possible for our customers so that we can accomplish what they need in a reasonable time period.