Hail Damage

Does your roof or siding have hail damage? we’ll work with you and your insurance company to ensure your needs are met, every step of the way.

Too often, policyholders receive less than they expect from insurance policies because their property is not fully protected, or they do not understand exactly what sort of damage is covered.

We have professionals who will work day and night with you and your insurance company to get the treatment that you deserve. Better View Home Improvements will provide a very detailed scope of repairs including line-of-sight repairs and the cost to rebuild your roof, siding, windows, or gutters, wherever your home has structural damage.

A roofing company can provide your insurance company with an estimate and negotiate the settlement.

The Claim Process

The claim process may begin in one of two ways. 

Your insurance company may send you a claim form known as a “proof of loss form” to complete, or 

An adjuster may visit your home first before you are asked to fill out any forms. 

What affects the cost of homeowner’s insurance?

The cost of homeowner’s insurance depends on the type of construction, location of the home, and amount of insurance. A brick structure, for example, is more fire-resistant than a wood framed structure, and it sometimes costs more to insure a wood framed structure. 

Does my policy automatically pay the limit?

Many people misunderstand the meaning of a limit. A limit is the most your insurance policy will pay for a loss. Your loss may not be as high as the limit itself. In this case, your policy covers only the amount of your actual loss. You must also be prepared to provide proof of what you have lost.

Let us restore your home. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our specialists.


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Maintenance & Inspections

Roofing Workmanship Warranty

Assess your roof’s hail damage with a Better View Home Improvements inspection

If you want to file a claim for hail damage, reach out to Better View Home Improvements to schedule an inspection. A roof inspection can start your journey toward repairing your home’s hail damage. 

April 3, 2024.
Jose is the owner. He is quick, knowledgeable, personable and did a beautiful job on my roof with an advanced shingle installation. He answers all your questions. He will fix any problems. He is also very reasonably priced. He installed my roof 3 years ago and it still looks brand new!
Nick Mussatti
Nick Mussatti
March 26, 2024.
I have never left reviews, but Better View went above and beyond. I had a small area of siding come off near my roof due to high winds. I called Better View for a quote around noon after reading reviews online. They came at 5PM, and offered to do it then and there for no charge - even when I insisted. They even helped secure another piece of siding that they noticed was loose on a different part of my house, which I didn't notice myself. I've had a bunch of contractors work on my house over the past year, and Better View was by far the most professional, efficient, and customer-oriented of any I've used. I know next time I have an exterior repair I'll be calling them.
Tara Mangelsen
Tara Mangelsen
March 19, 2024.
Better View Home Improvements has been extremely reliable for the past two winters for snowplowing / sidewalk shoveling! The crew does a great job and Jose is always very responsive whenever I have contacted him!
Aimee Balistreri
Aimee Balistreri
March 5, 2024.
Jose and the Better View Home Improvements Team are my snow removal crew, they do great work and are very dependable. Communication is very prompt with Jose. Any of my request for salt or no salt is respected. The BVHI team is very easy to work with and I recommend them.
Tony Miller
Tony Miller
March 4, 2024.
Jose helped me out in a time of need with some snow plowing. Excellent work and is very timely. I would highly recommend them.
Juan Patino
Juan Patino
February 9, 2024.
Awesome customer service, great team will definitely recommend to anyone, job was done professionally no mess at all , will hire again in future projects!!
Jeffrey Kirk
Jeffrey Kirk
July 26, 2023.
I had been frustrated by our gutters for the past several years. They were getting old and dripping in some corners and ends after rain or winter melting. Finally decided it was time to replace them and called on Better View Home Improvements to handle the job. With a 2-story house and several different large and small gutter areas, it was a lot of work, but the guys got it done. I love the larger size gutters and downspouts too. Much better than what we had before. And I was excited that it rained today to put the new gutters to the test. 👍
Don Wilson
Don Wilson
June 6, 2023.
Love these guys! I contacted Better View Home Improvements LLC to shingle the roof on the screened-in gazebo I was building. The company was incredibly responsive to my needs and was able to come out and install the shingles a day after I called. A two-man team came out the next day, did a quick assessment of what needed to be done and got started. They even went above and beyond and helped me to install the gable end facias. I was amazed at how efficiently and professionally they got the job done. It took them only five and a half hours to do the entire job from set up to pack up. My expectations were greatly exceeded. If you need reasonably priced, quality home improvement work done, you have to check out this company. You won’t be disappointed!

Why We’re the Right Company to Call for Hail Damage Roof Repair


We’re not a normal roofing company. We pride ourselves on dealing with your exact issues with our quality customer service, our superb work ethic, and our vast array of knowledge on anything to do with roofing.


If your roof has already been damaged by a hail storm, you don’t want it to get any worse. That’s why we take great care to treat your property with the respect it deserves, by closing off areas under construction, using caution tape, and being as safe as possible within the boundaries of your home.


Repairing, maintaining, or replacing roofs are not simple tasks. They require many parts to align, including the delivery of materials, people’s schedules, and decent weather, in order to ensure success. That’s why we are dedicated to streamlining this process as much as possible for our customers so that we can accomplish what they need in a reasonable time period.